Escape The City With Treasure, Or Stay And Die!


End up in battle with the Dice. You either lose all your gold or claim what the dice has collected from others.


Raid the Castle to get treasure to take with you when you leave the city.


Get sent to the Dungeons and end up having to crawl through them to start again!


Attack other players for a chance to swap fortunes with that player.

It’s been a while

It's been a fair few months since I have been able to spend some time on my board game. With my partner and I expecting a baby in December to starting a new job and a few other things, it has been really busy. One good thing about it is that when I went back to the...

April – Back To The Start

Last month I built up some courage to take my game to a play testers event in Manchester. I am someone who suffers from anxiety and I was very nervous. There was around 8 people in attendance and four people played Escape Or Dice for 30 minutes. The feedback I...

February Update

It has been an interesting and busy 2019 so far. Whilst finding time to develop Escape Or Dice, I have been busy moving into my girlfriends flat. Now I am all set up and ready to crack on with the game! Over the last several weeks I have had new design for the board,...

Happy New Year

2018 has been a very fast year for me. It's been a mixed year but mainly good. The last two week I have not had much time to do much on Escape Or Dice. But I have used the time I had to do some more research and get some more ideas.I have changed the dice for the City...

The Start

It started with in idea inside my head and within 2 months I have my first prototype and logo designed for the game.Since coming up with the basis of the game I have used a book to gather ideas and rules for the game. I have taken book to work and friends to gather...

Drop Me a Line

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