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Last month I built up some courage to take my game to a play testers event in Manchester. I am someone who suffers from anxiety and I was very nervous. There was around 8 people in attendance and four people played Escape Or Dice for 30 minutes. The feedback I received was mixed, they mainly wanted more choices for players and advised I take out the roll and move aspect of the game.
After this night I was quite gutted but more determined that ever to make this game and success. I went back to the drawing board and came up with an improved board design and re wrote the rule book.
One aspect stayed though and it was the roll and move. The reason is this is what I wanted to be the main aspect of the game to roll and move, work your way through the board and escape the city!

Added to the game are better options in the loot cards like attack cards and on the board you can now get attacked by the D.I.C.E and monsters!! I feel that I am ready to start play testing the game again now and have several events lined up with people to play.

Below are several new images of the latest version.

Thank you for reading this and Enjoy your April!