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It has been an interesting and busy 2019 so far. Whilst finding time to develop Escape Or Dice, I have been busy moving into my girlfriends flat. Now I am all set up and ready to crack on with the game!

Over the last several weeks I have had new design for the board, tweaked to rule book and sourced my first bottle tops!

Last month before any of this came I had the pleasure in having other people play the game and give me feedback on what too add and remove. Since then I have added Character sheets for each person in the game and at the start of the game each player will determine their starting stats.

The next stage is the development of the Action cards. During the game if you land on this space another player will pick up and an action card and read this to you, this will involve you and an NPC character.
You can decide to back out of the action but would lose the reward that was up for grabs. If you accept the story you will be told what number, you need to beat from a roll to be successful.

I am hoping that by end of March I will have some action cards ready and then will get the game back out and tested.

Below are some pictures of the game from last month and I have added a PDF of the rule book to the website.

Thank you for reading and I hope to update you again next month!