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It started with in idea inside my head and within 2 months I have my first prototype and logo designed for the game.

Since coming up with the basis of the game I have used a book to gather ideas and rules for the game. I have taken book to work and friends to gather their opinions on the game and ideas they had which I could take on board.  I was really pleased with the feedback I got from people at work regarding the game and rule set. Some even gave me some ideas which I have used.

Two weeks a ago I sent off for a blank board and once arrived a sketched out my idea for the game board. A City, Castle and Dungeons. I ordered  some blank cards too and used these for character cards, Loot cards and Castle room Cards. The castle has 6 rooms inside, you go inside a room and roll the dice, then whatever number you roll is what you win. Each room has 6 options that can only be played once, but 2 in each are not treasure One is you are caught and sent to dungeons, the other is that you run and manage to escape. 

Last Friday myself, my girlfriend Danielle and James sat down and played it for the first time. Overall the game went well and I was able to come up with new ideas and tweaks to the game. The game is meant to a fun game but hard game where the Dice makes it has hard as possible to leave the city. At the end of the hour I was the only one to leave the city with treasure. Sadly Danielle and James were left in the city to die.

This is the start of my journey to make Escape Or Dice a game which everyone can buy and enjoy. 

Feel free to says hello on twitter and I will post another update in the next few weeks.